Monday, March 28, 2011

A note about the Epistle: please share it!

Please share the Epistle!  

It's vitally important to get the word out that there are communities of faith that are affirming of lesbians, bisexual people, gay men, transgender people, and queer people.  

Please help spread that word.

If you are a Friend, please share FLGBTQC's Epistle with any Quaker groups with which you have a relationship -- your Monthly Meeting, Yearly Meeting, (Quarterly or Half-Yearly if they're active,) any Quaker email lists you're on, etc. 

If you're a member of another faith community, please feel free to share it there.  

Do you blog, or LiveJournal, or DreamWidth, etc?  Twitter?  Buzz?  If the Epistle spoke to you, please consider sharing it there. 

It's also been posted on Facebook; you can share it there. 

You can link to it directly from the page at FLGBTQC:

You can forward it from the posting on my blog (see the buttons at the end of the post). 

Thank you! 

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