Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain 2011

Who are you thinking of tonight?  Who are you remembering?  Who are your beloved dead whom you honor?  Who are your not-so-beloved dead you wish to let go?  Who are those who have gone before?  Who are the babies born this last year whom you welcome? 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new National Coming Out Day conversation?

Two years ago, I posted this article about the National Coming Out Day conversation I'd had: 
"Not the National Coming Out Day conversation I expected"

What really blew my mind, in that on-line conversation two years ago, was how the person involved just plain didn't believe me, and kept insisting I was wrong about my experience -- the taxes I pay that they don't, my legal situation, etc.

How do you think the conversation might be different today, in 2011, instead of 2009?

What's changed over the last two years in allies' consciousness about the reality of daily life as a lesbian, bi woman, gay man, bi man, transgender woman, transgender man, genderqueer person, queer woman, queer man, queer person?

Allies, what's changed for you over the last two years? 

LGBTQ folks, what changes have you noticed in allies' support?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Recommended article: Selina Rifkin, Cauldron to Kitchen, "Pagan Kosher: Eating Local"

The second in Rifkin's Pagan Kosher series.  

Pagan Kosher: Eating Local

For Pagans, the place where we live provides for our shelter, and perhaps our spiritual needs. But when we connect with our local food-shed, we have far more opportunities to revel in our sense of place. We honor relationship, not just with the land but with those who grow the food. The sacred web of community is built from such connections..

And so much more.  Lots of food for thought (pardon the pun) in this one.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Email subscription bug

I believe I have tracked down and resolved the email subscription bug.  If you tried to subscribe before and had difficulty, try it now.  Thanks!