Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blessed Samhain to you

Blessed Samhain to you!

Whether you are Pagan or not, feel free to share: 

  • Who are your beloved dead whose memory you are honoring?
  • Who are the dead you are glad have gone, whom you are glad to release?
  • Who was born in this last year whom you are welcoming?
  • What other endings, losses, and new beginnings do you recognize and honor?
 Also, Happy New Year to those of us for whom this is a new year... 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Edinburgh Solstice Choir starts 21 October

Edinburgh Solstice Choir

Book your place now! 

The Edinburgh Solstice Choir is in preparation to sing in the 3rd Annual Edinburgh Winter Solstice Celebration, on 14 December, 2013.  Come sing with us!


  • A commitment to come to rehearsals on Monday nights; to come to the Celebration on 14 December; and to rehearse on your own outside our meeting time.
  • You do not need to read music (although if you do, that can be helpful).
  • All genders and voice ranges are welcome.  Our music is written for sopranos and altos; we can incorporate tenors and basses as well. 
  • There are no dues, but there is a charge of £4 per week to cover room hire for rehearsals.  We offer discounts for concession card holders and non-waged workers.  There is also a discount if you pay for the whole term up-front (£30).
  • You may not miss more than two rehearsals unless you make arrangements with the director. 

Where and when:

  •   Monday nights, 7-10 pm (with a break in the middle), starting on 21 October
  •   The Open Door, 420 South Morningside Road
  •   Near the Morningside Clock, served by many bus routes
  •   Winter Solstice Celebration on Saturday, 14 December, at a different location

If you have any questions or would like to join but aren't sure, please contact stasa dot website at gmail dot com.

Book your place now!  Booking is free.  Click here.

Songbook and voice part recordings
We have a few copies of the songbook available to borrow during rehearsals, but not to take home.  You may choose to purchase your own copy for £14; it comes with a compact disc that includes recordings of all the songs, and teaching tracks for songs with harmony parts.  You are also strongly encouraged to record voice parts during rehearsals.