Thursday, March 24, 2011

from CPT: "Walk the walk—CPT seeks applicants for Peacemaker Corps‏"

19 March 2011

*CPT INTERNATIONAL: Walk the walk—CPT seeks applicants for Peacemaker

CPT Announces Summer 2011 Peacemaker Corps Training in Chicago, IL USA, 15 July through 15 August 2011.  Applicants must have participated in a CPT delegation or equivalent CPT experience before June 2011.

Full-time, and part-time positions with stipends are available, especially for the Palestine project, to start as early as September 2011.

Please send your Peacemaker Corps application to the Chicago office by May 1, mailing address P.O. Box 6508; Chicago, IL USA 60680; or fax: +1-773-376-0549; or

CPT delegation and Peacemaker Corps Applications can be found online:
CPT delegation dates and locations can also be found online:

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