Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recommended interview: Richard Cizik on Fresh Air, 7/28/10

I caught the beginning of this interview, and to my surprise I listened to the whole thing.  I was glad I did. 

I recommend it.  Especially if you identify as an Evangelical Christian, or if you have strong feelings or strong opinions about Evangelical Christians.

If you listen long enough to get beyond the civil union issue and into the breadth of the interview, you might be surprised. 

As a lesbian, as a Quaker, and as a Witch, I appreciated a lot of what Cizik said.  

For 10 years, the Rev. Richard Cizik was the chief lobbyist for the National Association of Evangelicals, which represents roughly 30 million constituents across the United States.

But he was forced out of that position in December 2008, after remarks he made on Fresh Air about his support of gay civil unions, among other things.

On Wednesday, Cizik returned to Fresh Air to discuss how his life has changed since he left the association and why he started a new group called the Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, which he hopes will be an alternative to Christian groups that focus on the culture wars.

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