Friday, July 30, 2010

New Health and Human Services rules prevent the most vulnerable women from paying for abortion coverage themselves

I am so pissed about this, I'm not even going to attempt putting it in my own words.

Then again, yes, I am.  

The US Department of Health and Human Services announced recently that "the state high-risk insurance pools intended to provide coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions will not generally include coverage of elective abortions" (National Partnership for Women and Families).  Even if women pay for this coverage themselves, out of pocket.  Excuse me??

This means the women who are most economically and medically vulnerable -- women with pre-existing conditions, who are more likely to have complicated pregnancies or failed birth control, women who are in the high-risk pool because they are having a harder time getting other health insurance -- women who are more likely to need abortion services, are going to have even more barriers to obtaining safe and legal abortion.

News on this: Google news search "HHS abortion"

Good article to start with: Medical news today from July 19th

The Catholic Reporter says, Eh, it's not news.

Planned Parenthood says, Yeah, it is, and it's a problem, too.


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