Monday, September 7, 2009

My F/friend Jana

I just found out that my friend Jana, from my home Meeting in Seattle, is in the ICU after being hit by a car Thursday night.

Jana and her husband Warren are both dear friends of mine and of Beloved Wife. Also, our friend Katherine, who was my elder for my ministry at FGC Summer Gathering and my traveling companion going to and from North Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions, is coordinating care from the Meeting. I talked to her this evening, and got a fair amount of information. Warren, Jana, and their young adult children are getting good support -- practical, emotional, and spiritual. Everything practical that can be done, is happening.

I also talked to Warren, and what he said he and they need are prayers, in whatever form works.

So I invite you to hold Jana, Warren, Katherine, and University Friends Meeting in your spiritual care with us: by holding them in the Light, by praying for them, by sending good thoughts their way, by thinking of them with love or tenderness, by lighting candles for them... whatever it is that you, personally, do when you hold someone in your spiritual care.

I know I could be a lot more articulate, but I'm still kind of numb. I know that because of past experience, it's even more upsetting for me when someone I know gets hit by a car. I know Jana's in good medical hands. I know she and her family are in good spiritual hands. And I know it will be a while until we know what's going to happen.


Merlin said...

Stasa, I see you already got word that Jana is waking up and responding. I had the good fortune of being with her early this morning. She was awake and looking around when I came in. She gave an emphatic headshake "NO" when the nurse asked if she was having pain, moved both her hands and squeezed my hand a couple times. Of course she can't talk with the tube down her throat, and is still heavily sedated, but she is clearly returning to us. Lots of prayer and Light and love coming her way! Merlin

staśa said...

Merlin, thank you so much for your note! Yes, Katherine called us today. She mentioned you had been interacting with Jana, and that Jana was able to communicate with the nurses around her pain level. This is such wonderful news. But I hadn't known that she's not in pain right now, which is also just wonderful news. I am so thankful she's on her way back to us.