Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 NPYM Annual Sessions: Thursday (con't)

Here are more of my notes from NPYM's Annual Sessions in July. Items in italics are generally my thoughts, rather than notes per se.


In the warmth of your presence, I am safe at home
I will stand, I will stand...

[I had written out the words to Pat Humphries and Sandy Opatow's "I Will Stand," which was written for a graduating class (my Ffriend Rebecca's) at the Woolman Semester.]

Interest Group: The Radical Inclusiveness of NPYM

  • Quakerism is larger than Christianity; to limit Quakerism to Christianity is to limit the power of Quakerism.
  • Quakerism is more powerful than Christianity alone.
  • if theology is not the ultimate "test," and if the peace testimony is not the ultimate "test," then what is?
  • -- is it our commitment to Quaker process?
  • to use the blind men with the elephant as a metaphor
  • -- is Quakerism about the whole elephant, or about one part?
  • -- (is Christianity, and does Christianity see itself as, the whole elephant, or part?)

John's workshop

  • if John's a tube, and for him the energy comes from above, whereas for me it comes from below... does that make me a straw?? :)
  • "what's going to put me in my reverence?" "what's going to help me in my tenderness and care?"
  • "settle your body first, and then place your hands" --> when did i start doing that in the opposite order?
  • keeps coming back to the heart
  • Meeting for Worship for Healing
  • -- gathering ppl's reverence and tenderness
  • -- like doing energy work in a large group
  • "you know, healing was one of the first things Quakers got thrown in jail for" (Fox's Book of Miracles) (like Richard [Lee] said)
  • haven't had someone around me "who understands the gift to help with discernment" and support, as john says
  • this is beginning work, not what he does with a client or a victim of torture

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