Monday, August 18, 2008

New experience: Rainier cherries. Wow!

Yesterday, Beloved Wife and I went to the University District Farmer's Market, where I was introduced to Rainier cherries.

Now, we had excellent cherries in Michigan, so I was prepared to go back to "ordinary" cherries. But I liked the Rainier cherry sample I tasted, and so bought a pound of them.

I sat down this afternoon to eat a handful, and, wow.

Definitely not "ordinary" cherries. :)


Nif said...

I suspect Ranier cherries taste best near Rainier.

I LOVE the local cherries here in PA.

sta┼Ťa said...

"I suspect Ranier cherries taste best near Rainier." *snort* *grin*

I don't know if the local cherries in MI tasted better than the PA ones, or I just thought they did. :) But then, we had local cherries more often in MI; in Philly, it was just on the rare occasions that the Co-Op had them.

I'm sooo glad there are more Farmers Markets in Philly now than when we were there last.

And I really wish we could find a co-op like Weaver's Way. None of the co-ops we've gone to since -- either in A2, or so far here -- have felt like a "real" co-op, after Weaver's Way.