Monday, August 27, 2007

Total lunar eclipse

There's a total lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning (August 28, 2007), which should be visible from most of North America. For more information:

  • For NASA's web page for the August 28th eclipse, click here. (Includes diagrams of the eclipse for different time zones!)
  • For NASA's lunar eclipse web page, click here.

Blessed be!

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staśa said...

I am reminded of a lunar eclipse when I was at Bryn Mawr College the second time as an undergraduate. It was a Wednesday night, I believe in December, and a group of us attending the Wednesday Scottish County Dance class were Pagans. We delighted in going out onto the porch of Founders Hall at Haverford during breaks, to monitor the eclipse and yell up to the sky encouragingly, "Drop it, Fenris! Drop it! Good boy."