Monday, May 7, 2012

Ritual with Reclaiming Scotia this Saturday

I am going to be part of presenting what has the chance to be a pretty spectacular ritual with Reclaiming Scotia this Saturday at the Scottish Pagan Federation Conference here in Edinburgh. 

Reclaiming Scotia is putting on the late afternoon ritual, in the time slot just before dinner -- I believe our talk-through will start at 4:30 pm (and really at 4:30 pm, not at Pagan Standard Time, *laughing*). 

Lots of pageantry, appeals to the senses, Mystery, and an opportunity for some deep work both within and out in the world. 

This will be my first time at the Conference, so I have no idea what the rest of it will be like -- though I'm looking forward to Margot Adler's talk and to learning more about other presenters. 

(For more on Margot Adler, here are two bios of her: and 

So if you're in Edinburgh this Saturday, or near enough to come to Edinburgh this Saturday, I invite you to our ritual. 

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