Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Beltane! Happy May Day!

What do Beltane and May Day mean to you?

For me, connection -- to the past, to the future, to community around the world, to social justice and collective work, and to the land, what's happening in Nature.

It's also about those who have gone before -- loved ones who have died near Beltane, especially those who loved May Day or Beltane -- and those who will come after -- young ones I have watched growing up dancing around the May Pole, or eating strawberries and cream for May Day breakfast. 

It's about faithfulness -- about weaving a Maypole every year, heeding that inner prompting, even when I don't fully understand why it's there, or why doing so is important. 

Weaving connection, weaving community, weaving justice, weaving spring and life's continuation.

I grew up with May Day as a welcome spring holiday and as a workers' holiday.  I went to a Quaker college that celebrated May Day with a day of canceled classes and festivities, including Maypole weaving/dancing (well, sometimes running).  They now hold May Day on the weekend, but many alumnae still celebrate wherever we are, even if our only outward observance is strawberries and cream.  I have celebrated Beltane in community with Pagans and Witches everywhere, even when all alone, even with (especially with?) myself and a lover.  I celebrated Beltane for many years with a community of feminist Witches and our extended community of many spiritualities and none at all.  I have hosted Maypole magic and May Day/Beltane potluck-food-and-hospitality magic from that Tradition in different parts of the US, and now in Scotland.  I have celebrated Beltane with regional Pagans in the DC area, and with Seattle's Radical Faeries and the Goddess Ravenna Ravine.   I have celebrated with friends and strangers. 

Weaving the web of life.

Blessed be. 

What are Beltane and May Day about for you?

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