Monday, May 14, 2012

Recommended article: "I Crochet Because I'm Hooked" (Tape Flags and First Thoughts)

"I Crochet Because I'm Hooked" (Tape Flags and First Thoughts)

I crocheted my way through the Midwinter Gathering, and liked it. I felt like I had joined the community of stitchy people. But I was also interested to notice that crocheting seemed to keep me from blurting out jokes at inappropriate times during business meeting, one of my less attractive habits. I also found that having my hands busy allowed me to focus my mind more effectively; often I have a notebook open in biz meeting, and end up doodling or thinking about to-do lists or starting to write something. A pen and a blank sheet of paper is too appealing.

(Disclaimer up-front: Su links to an article of mine in her post.  I didn't know that when I started reading her post, and had already decided I wanted to link to her post, because I like what she said and it made me think.)

I wish I had figured it out about handwork earlier.  My love affair with Quaker process would have gone more smoothly, earlier, I think, if I had had some form of handwork in Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business sooner.  Actually, I did want to do handwork earlier, and even tried to learn to knit for the third time -- and failed for the third time.

But, I learned to crochet when I did, and it definitely helps keep me centered, and helps me listen better.

Looking at Su's pictures, I have a vision of her making a rainbow octopi for the FLGBTQC auction at FGC Gathering. *grin*


Su said...

Rainbow octopus is a great idea! I'm glad you liked the article. I was clearly inspired by you, and as I was trying this out and having this experience, I kept thinking, "This is kind of what Stasa was talking about..."

Morgan said...

Oh, how neat! Both to the rainbow octopus, and also to having the experience and thinking it was related to what I was talking about. Yes, definitely!

Huh. I think the rest of this comment is actually a short blog post, so I won't post it here, but will go make a draft out of it...

I love how bouncing ideas like this can help new ones/new writings come out of hiding/come into flower....