Thursday, May 10, 2012

from Full Moon Worship

We hosted Full Moon Worship Monday night, and it was truly lovely.

Those who gather choose worship or worship-sharing, depending on their spiritual needs or simply what they want.  In recent months, worship-sharing has been popular, but on Monday, those gathered chose worship.  

Two cats chose to join us, and helped deepen our worship. 

There were a few vocal messages, and with a distinct theme.  It seemed to speak to those present, given the conversation afterwards. 

As is often the case, there was music with me in worship; in this case, "Shadow/Light." This is a piece written by Juliet Spitzer, adapting two poems of Rumi's, and recorded by SheWho.  (This is a piece which I love to teach.) 

Here are snippets of the two poems:

You must have shadow and light-source both
Listen, and lay your head under the tree of awe...

This door is not the door of hopelessness and frustration
This door is open...
Come, come as you are.

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