Sunday, October 30, 2016

Queries for Samhain

A blessed Samhain and New Year to you. 

Who are the ancestors you're honoring, physical and spiritual?
Who are the dead you are remembering?
What losses and endings are you marking?

Who are the new babies you are welcoming?
What people and new beginnings have been born in your life this year?

a spiral of candles in the dark
(c) Laura Treadway photography.  Used with permission.


Bright Crow said...

Friend, Thanks for these queries. It hadn't occurred to me to ask them of myself, but they are helpful.

Morgan said...

Thank you for letting me know.

Bright Crow said...

"Who are the ancestors you're honoring, physical and spiritual?"

George Fox, curiously enough.

Fox taught in 17tn century England, when everyone—including every Seeker&,dash;spoke "Christian." I think Fox used the language he knew to invite all Seekers to set aside theologies and spiritual paths and, instead, to adopt the spiritual discipline of Quaker faith and practice.

In other words, Fox didn't say "take this particular path." He said, "Let's all sit together and share this particular way of being Seekers."

Blessed Be,