Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Forming now -- Edinburgh Solstice Singers! Please share widely

Forming now! 

The Edinburgh Solstice Singers

to sing in the 
presented by bread and roses spiritual nurture
Saturday night, 22 December, 2012

  • We meet once a week for song-learning sessions / rehearsals, starting Monday, 8 October.
  • We are a non-audition ensemble.
  • You do not need to read music, although if you do, that can be helpful.
  • All genders and voice ranges are welcome.
  • Our music is written for sopranos and altos; we can make adjustments for tenors and basses.  (I am willing to work with tenors and basses if you are willing to work with my inexperience with those voice ranges.)
  • There are no dues, but there may be a charge to cover room hire for rehearsals.

I am aiming for Monday evening rehearsals.  If there is another night that works better for most people, I would be happy to change.

We have a few copies of the songbook available to borrow during sessions, but not to take home.  You may choose to purchase your own copy, which comes with a compact disc that includes recordings of all the songs and teaching tracks for songs with harmony parts.

A list of songs is available on the website; detailed information about the songs is available on a sub-page.

I am looking for rehearsal space.  So far, the least expensive I have been able to find is £12-16/hr.  If there are enough of us to make that feasible, I will book that; if we are a small group, we may meet in my family's living room.  If you have a lead on more affordable space, please let me know!

If you are curious about or interested in joining, please contact stasa dot website at gmail dot com.

Please forward this to friends who might be interested. 

More information at

Come sing with us!

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