Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recommended article: "Things I Wish White Pagans Realized"

"Things I Wish White Pagans Realized"

...far too often, the question of racism in paganism, along with all the other -isms that exist in society get brushed aside, silenced when mentioned, or are casually dismissed as being ‘not important to the circle and its workings’.  So, here’s my list of things I wish white Pagans realized when PoC (Pagans of Color) join the circle, (all of these are written in the first person singular, because these are things I WISH they realized, each PoC’s list will be different by a little or a lot, that is part of the joy of dealing with people NOT as a single voice for their ETHNICITY OR RACE, but as the INDIVIDUALS they ARE): (Read more...)

YES, yes, yes.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also reposted at Daughters of Eve (in a font  I find easier to read):

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Alyss said...

Hey Stasa,

Thank you for pointing this article out to me. I follow Daughters of Eve, too, so it showed up all over my blogger feed. I found it a really fascinating read.

It also reminded me of a need I have, or a need my Quaker community has. I am actively involved in a group at my local meeting working towards creating a more welcoming community for GLBTQ Friends. We are in intense dialogue with our Yearly Meeting around this topic and have many conversations about how to help more conservative/evangelical Friends have a better understanding of queer experience. I have been wanting an article like this one, only from the point of view of a queer Christian. I wonder if you know of one, or of any other resources to share the lived experience of queer church-goers with conservative church-goers.

Thanks for everything you do!