Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What should I talk about in my talk about Feminist Witchcraft?

I've agreed to give a talk and discussion on Feminist Witchcraft at an upcoming Pagan Pride Day

So, what should I talk about? 

Pagan Pride Day events tend to draw people from different traditions with Paganism, and non-Pagans as well. 

What would you want to know if you went to a Pagan Pride Day event, saw someone was doing a talk and discussion on Feminist Witchcraft, and went to it? 


RantWoman said...

RantWoman might be the sort to go to Pagan Pride by accident or in tourist mode, and even in gawky, not terribly sensitive mode, but here goes:

What's witchcraft? Is there more than one kind or tradition? Which ones are you talking about?

What's the difference between feminist witchcraft and other kinds?

Is Goddess worship or devil worship or anything else worship involved?

What's worship anyway?

Do I gotta be a woman to be into feminist witchcraft?

If I want to dabble in feminist witchcraft do I get to sacrifice some live animals on video so I have something, um, unusual to explain decades later when I go into politics?

RantWoman probably better stop!

staśa said...

Hey, there, RantWoman,

Don't worry, we expect tourists, including some gawky, not-too-sensitive ones. We're often surprised by how graceful and gracious folks who know nothing at all turn out to be. :)

There will be other talks and booths and handouts that cover the basics -- things like, What's a Pagan?, What's a Witch?, What's Witchcraft?, What about Satanism and devil worship and animal sacrifice?

So I'm not going to try to cover those.

Plus, it turns out I have something like half an hour ("plus or minus 15 minutes," whatever that means!).

So, I really need to focus in on Feminist Witchcraft, as opposed to Paganism in general or Witchcraft in general.

I flat out refuse to talk about electoral politics in my talk, sorry. But do check out the Wild Hunt's coverage of that topic in my neighboring state of Delaware these days. :)

But this helps, so thanks...

Anyone else??