Monday, April 26, 2010

What do you want to know about Pagan Quakers?

I am curious, and I have a question for Friends -- especially in the unprogrammed tradition, but also in other traditions.

If someone offered a two-hour session about Pagan Quakers, say at a larger Quaker event like FGC Gathering or Yearly Meeting, what would you want to know? What would you want the session to include?


RantWoman said...

What an interesting question. Off the top of my head:

--Thoughts about language. One of the reason for use of first day, first month is to purge Quaker usage of Pagan references. So maybe some comments about the 17th century vs now and space for Quaker Paganism

--Thoughts about Paganism in context of broad spectrum of Quaker experiences, ways of talking about spiritual life.

--Maybe experiences where Pagan language is either a barrier or a bridge in different conversations.

--Your favorite misconceptions among Pagans about Quakers and vice versa

Alyss said...

I am interested in hearing about your thoughts on Christ. I understand that not all Quakers place as much of an emphasis on Christ as many other types of Christians do, but lots of Quakers do. What experiences have you had in your own relationship with a divine Christ and what experiences have you had relating with other Quakers who either care very much about your relationship with Christ or don't care as much about that.

Hystery said...

I would emphasize definitions of Paganism(s) including differentiating various forms of Paganism and Neo-Paganism and then I would want to discuss how (some) Friends helped lay the groundwork for the emergence of Neo-Paganism and feminist spirituality in the United States.