Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Re-doing my website - input?

I have to re-do my web site. I had been using GooglePages, which has been discontinued in favor of GoogleSites. Everything was supposed to migrate over, but hasn't; besides, Sites is structured very differently from Pages -- which is good in the long run, because it'll let me do more what I want, but challenging in the short term.

All of this really does mean re-doing my web site.

So I'm wondering what folks would like to see. What works for you about my current website, what doesn't? What would you like to see stay the way it is on the new site, what would you like to see change, and how?

(Knowing that some of what you dislike may be chalked up to the limitations of GooglePages, and that GoogleSites will have its own limitations I may not be able to work around.)



Pitch313 said...

If you mean the "Spiritual Nurture" site, then I'd suggest changing the background and font colors. Purple on white is, for me at least, a difficult combination. The shadowed text, too.

staśa said...

Thanks for the feedback. (I hated the shadowed text, too; and my early website proofers didn't like it, either.)