Monday, July 6, 2009

Peterson Toscano: "Jesus Loves You! But I've Heard Rumors"

I am FB friends with Peterson (am I name-dropping?), and I just loved this series of status updates when they appeared. And I loved the comment threads that followed. Because Peterson has such a wide range of friends with such a wide range of takes on what he posted, the comment threads were sometimes just as funny, thought-provoking, and illuminating as the status updates themselves.

In his blog post, "Jesus Loves You! But I've Heard Rumors," explaining this whole process, Peterson writes:

On May 25, soon after I arrived in the England for what would be a six week tour that included Northern Ireland, Wales and Sweden, I began a series of Twitter messages that began “Jesus Loves You!” My hope was to do one a day for 31 days, and I did it! My Twitter is attached to my Facebook status and to this blog, so LOTS of people got to see the updates and especially over on Facebook many people commented adding their thoughts.

Check it out... and I hope you get as much out of them as I did. :)


petersontoscano said...

Stasa, how very dare you! We are far more than mere FB friends. I sing to you, revel in your presence, visit your city in hopes of seeing you. You're my bud!

staśa said...

It is true, we are way more than FB friends! I also revel in your presence and delight in spending time with you and singing to you. Even though you're far more creative in your singing to me. :)

You consistently make me blush in a happy way, dear heart, and you have done so again.