Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CPT seeks Anti-Racism Consultants

7 January 2008
CHICAGO/TORONTO: CPT requesting applications for Anti-Racism Consultants

Christian Peacemaker Teams is an international peace teams organization rooted in the historic peace churches that now includes support and participation from throughout the wider Christian community.* We have committed ourselves to a process of undoing racism within the organization. Therefore we request proposals for consultants who will bring an outside
perspective and expertise to support the work of CPT's Undoing-Racism Coordinator,** the Undoing Racism Working Group, and other bodies in CPT organizing for this transformative work. We are open to proposals from individuals and from organizations. The work of the consultant would include:

-Participating in the planning, facilitation and interpretation of an organization-wide anti-racism audit/assessment.

-Participating in the planning and formation of an organization-wide strategic plan for undoing racism in CPT based on the outcomes of the audit/assessment.

-Advising effective, just and safe structures and practices in areas such as leadership, power flow, accountability, reconciliation, policy formation and change, communication, peace team work processes, training, and internal organizing towards anti-racist identity and practice.

If you or your organization/team are interested in serving CPT as a consultant(s) for undoing racism please send the following to guest.905387@MennoLink.org by February 6, 2008

-Full contact information,

-An outline of your experience working with organizations' internal undoing racism initiatives, anti-racism audits, and strategic planning,

-A description of the strengths and training/educational background you bring to this work,

-Several paragraphs letting us know how you connect with the core values of CPT (Christian, Peacemaking, Team work)

-Contact information for six references including at least three leaders in organizations for which you have worked in a similar role.

-A brief description of how you work, and how you would propose working with CPT, including timeline of your availability

-A statement of what compensation you need for your consulting services including an estimate of total cost for your part in this process through the audit and initial strategic planning stages.

*For more background on CPT please see www.cpt.org

**Sylvia Morrison has recently been appointed to the internal staff position of CPT Undoing Racism Coordinator. See http://cpt.org/cptnet/2007/04/20/chicagotoronto-call-expressions-interest-and-nominations-cpt-undoing-racism-coordi for her job description.

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