Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Draft of Pattern for V-Shawl in Three Colors

v-shawl in three colors on modelThank you so much to everyone who volunteered to test this pattern for me!

The draft pattern as a .pdf file is available at http://stasa.net/crochet.

There are pictures (and a link to the pattern) on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/stasa/v-shawl-in-3-colors.

There are also now pictures at http://stasa.net/crochet.

Please post questions, feedback, comments, etc., here as you go along.

Thanks again!  Have fun!


choirqueer said...

2 suggestions right off the bat:
When you list materials, estimate yardage/metreage(?) rather than number of skeins, since it will vary so widely depending on what yarn the user chooses.
Should the "foundation row" be a foundation chain or a row of foundation stitch? I usually assume chain unless it specifies otherwise, but it might be good to clarify.
I'm excited for an excuse to go find some lovely fingering yarn that I can't really afford but will do it anyway FOR SCIENCE

Morgan said...

Awesome! Here in the UK, it's usually mass rather than length -- which I find frustrating -- but I can easily add both.

Also -- you can do the foundation row either way. I did a row of foundation stitch*, b/c when I do chain, my gauge gets really messed up.

If it makes a difference to gauge for more skilled people than I am, I can specify.

* chain 2, dc in stitch before, chain 2, dc in stitch before, for the length of the foundation row. Then I turn and dc the next row, slip-stich at the end to the other side, and dc there, to "embed" the foundation row, so it does look like a really strange end row. :)


Morgan said...

choirqueer sent me this, and I want to try this as a foundation row (but in dc):


Rhonda Newton said...

I think I'm confused. Are we doing 18" the long way (54" wide) and then turning the piece 90 degrees to then do the 18" short rows?

Could you do a photo which shows the shawl laid out flat? I'm not quite getting where the "V" comes from.

Morgan said...

Hi, Rhonda! Thanks.

Are you on Ravelry? There are detailed pics there. I don't have enough space allowance on Blogger for all the pics I'd like to post!

If you're not on Ravelry, I'll find another way for you (and others) to see the pics.

There's no turn. For the first 18" of height, you crochet back and forth for the full 56" of width. Then, you crochet for 18" of width -- one-third the width.

Am I making sense yet?

Morgan said...

I also posted the pictures to http://stasa.net/crochet. See if they help, and let me know. Thanks!!

Rhonda Newton said...

Thanks for the photos, Stasa! It make much more sense now.

(Ravelry is on my "after grad school" list)

Morgan said...

Okay, good! I am so glad.

Keep letting me know what's confusing!

Here are the yarn amounts:

Where I have said 1 skein, I used app. 100g, 420 yards, 384 m.

Morgan said...

There's a new picture of it spread out while drying / blocking.