Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spiritual practice peer support group invitation

Is there a spiritual practice you'd like to be doing regularly, but that you find you aren't quite managing to do?

I am putting together a free, 12-week virtual peer support group for people who want to engage in a regular spiritual practice and get support from other people.

- Free.
- On-line.
- Runs for 12 weeks.  

- You pick the spiritual practice you want to do.  It can be almost any spiritually-oriented practice or discipline.  It can be something you do by yourself or something you do in a group.  It can be mostly physical or mostly mental, or a mix.  Everyone in the group can have a different spiritual practice.  Since we're checking in weekly, it will be helpful if it's something you can do at least once a week. 

- Once every week, the group checks in about what happened in the past week and to get support from the others in the group.  Did I meet my goal this week?  What worked?  What didn't work?  If I didn't meet my goal, why not?  Was my goal realistic?  Too hard, too easy, just right?  Does my goal need to change?  How?

- Each group will have 13 people maximum. 

- We will do the check-ins on-line, in a locked blog, a private Facebook group, whatever fashion works best for the group.

- People are welcome from a wide range of spiritual traditions, including none at all. 

This 12-week cycle will start Sunday, 1 September and end Sunday, 1 December. 

If you're interested, let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at stasa dot website at gmail dot com.

(If you send email and don't hear back, the cyber-gremlins ate it; please try again.)


Sally said...

Howdy Stasa! Sally H. from GFS here. I am interested, but concerned that my spiritual muscles are flabby. I will be the out-of-shape old biddy at the back of the pack.

Morgan said...

Hi, Sally! It will be great to have you in the group. With you, we have seven so far. I think you will be surprised at how many other people think they'll be in the figurative back of the pack with you. :)

I am modeling this on a movement and fitness group I was part of years ago. We all had *really* different goals. I was recovering from an injury, and thought I'd be the person in the group with the most modest goals. One of the things that was fabulous about that group was that no matter where each of us was, we got good support, encouragement, and more from the other people in the group.

I'm pretty sure for the spiritual practices group, we won't all have to be in anywhere like the same places, either. :)

I'll send you a PM! And thanks for joining in!

Maggie said...

With some trepidation, I'm speaking up to join in.

First, I'm in the midst of moving - chaos on steroids, this time, as the downsizing that should have happened as we loaded stuff into storage, will instead be happening as I unpack in a smaller place.

Second, my First Degree initiation is set for Sept 1. While I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing that day, I'm pretty sure I won't catch up with this group before Sept 2.

Just now I'm feeling like the flabby old broad in the back ... but game.

Morgan said...

Yay, Maggie!

The back of the room is getting nice and full. You won't be alone. :)

I'm so glad you're participating in the group!

We're starting September 1st, so catching up any time that week is fine (for everyone).

I *think* I have your email address, so I'll try dropping you an email to set up details.

If that fails, I'll comment back here again and ask you to email me your email address privately.


Morgan said...

Hi, Maggie -- It turns out I don't have your email address, so: can you please message me at stasa dot website at gmail dot com? That way I can email you to get the specifics set up. Thanks!

Beth C. said...

Stasa, it's Beth C. (you know, Ivan's human). I need something to get me going and this sounds perfect! Is there room for me?

Morgan said...

Hi, Beth! Yes, there is room! I've sent you the email with the details. Thank you!!

Elinor Predota said...

Hey Sta┼Ťa. You know, if you have any open spots left, I'm gonna bite :-) You've got my email address, right?

Morgan said...

Four people have not confirmed their places. If any of them don't get back to me asap, or if anyone tells me they are not participating after all, then I will make their places available to other people.

Maggie, I can hold your place until the end of the day Tuesday, 3 September. I need you to get in touch with me by then with your email address so we can get you set up. If the timing doesn't work this round, then maybe next group?

I hope your initiation was magical. :)

Elinor, I definitely have your email address, and I will be in touch!

Morgan said...

Maggie, I'm so glad I heard from you! :) Thank you.

Breyette said...

I'd like to join!
Let me know what information you might need from me?


Morgan said...

Hi, Breyette,

The group started on 1 September and is therefore now closed.

If you get your contact information to me (email's fine), I'd be happy to let you know when the next group starts, which will probably be either December or January.


Unknown said...

I would love if you would save my information for the next time you run this group.

Morgan said...

Awesome, Veronica! I left you a note about needing your email. :)