Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interest Group at FGC Gathering

I received word that my interest group proposal for FGC Gathering this summer has been approved. Here's the blurb (50-word limit!):

Many Theaologies, One Religion – the Gift of “Listening in Tongues”

Stasa Morgan-Appel

Unprogrammed Friends share Quaker worship and practice - and theaological diversity. How does That-Which-Is-Sacred speak to you? To the person sitting next to you in worship? (Does it?) And how do we talk about it with each other? We’ll practice “listening in tongues” and speaking tenderly and faithfully.


Hystery said...

The most fruitful seminar I ever attended was led by a Friend who asked us all to come prepared to the seminar with a written piece about Silence. The diversity of the group (African Muslim to Christian convert, Eastern orthodox priest, Benedictine nun, Pagan, Protestant, Buddhist, etc.) could have turned it ugly but in fact, it was lovely. All we had to do was allow a natural silence between everyone's words to give us a place to completely listen. No irritating "talking sticks" or anything like that. Just self-disciplined quiet spaces before responding to each other. The result was that rather than jumping down the speaker's throat with some clever argument, we found ourselves considering the speaker with greater respect and compassion. This seminar was one of the key events that led me to Friends.

Beth said...

Wow! This looks like a great seminar!