Monday, August 6, 2012

Quaker Study Centers in the US (yes, more than one!)

I keep hearing about "Pendle Hill, the Quaker study centre in the US." 

I hardly ever hear anyone say, "Pendle Hill, one of the Quaker study centres in the US."   I don't think I've ever heard anyone here talk about any of the others (except in our house). 

I realize Friends here may be familiar primarily with Pendle Hill, but there really are others; so I thought it might be useful to post what some of them are. 

Off the top of my head, I came up with six, and that was without thinking about it very hard.  Thinking some more, doing a little research, and posting to social networking about it, I got three others. 

Granted, I'm not making a huge distinction between "study centers," "retreat centers," and "conference centers," especially since there's a lot of overlap; but I promise, more than one of these are "Quaker study centers."

Here's my list; I'm sure there are more: 

(And I'm not even including a whole raft of Evangelical conference and retreat centers which operate as camps during the summer.)

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