Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Travelling, travelling..."

I recently spent two and a half lovely weeks in the US, first at FGC Gathering, then on vacation (holiday) with F/friends, then a short visit with family. 

This was the first time I'd been back to the States since moving to the UK, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Would I desperately wish to be back in the US, or desperately wish to be back in the UK?  Neither?  Both?  How would I react to the land/landscape back on the East Coast?  How would I react to the land/landscape when I got back here? 

I had a really good trip.  Our time with F/friends was wonderful and blessed, and fed me so deeply spiritually.  Our vacation both rested me and fed me, too.  Visiting Beloved Wife's grandfather and his partner was also good.  Meeting for Worship someplace I'd never been, but where there were some F/friends we know and love, was a delight.  Coming back to Edinburgh was also happy. 

I'm looking forward to sorting through some of what I learned at Gathering ( this year.  I got all sorts of kicks in the pants from the Goddess, in a number of interesting ways, but the main thing that stays with me, that I am bringing back to my life and work in Edinburgh, is joy.  Blessed joy. 


bunchberry said...

I'm curious how the trees in the UK will speak to you as you settle back in.

And very glad about the joy!

Morgan said...

Thanks, dear heart!