Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two upcoming events

Two upcoming ministry events that I wanted to share.  Both are at Friends General Conference Gathering in Kingston, RI in early July; one is open to the public.

Wednesday evening, 4 July
Interest group at FGC Gathering

John Hunter of NC and I will be merging/co-leading the following two interest groups:

Theological Diversity Within Our Meetings - A great Strength of Quakerism
We all "have a place in the choir" at our home meetings.  This is true even as we may hold different personal theological beliefs.  We will explore how unity in such diversity might be a great strength for Quakerism.  A presentation will be followed by small groups where we each may explore our own theological assumptions and how we are included in our meetings and in the wider body of Friends.

Every Quaker Has a Place in This Meeting
Three Friends walk into Meeting for Worship: a Christian, a Pagan, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Non-Theist.  Each gives vocal ministry from their own experience; all experience gathered worship.  Come create the rest of the story: coming together, supporting each other, building community, helping each other sing in our own unique voices, singing in harmony. 

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Friday evening, 6 July
"The Fire and the Hammer"
Open to the public!

I'm singing in "The Fire and the Hammer," a major choral work about early Quakerism in England. 

This major choral work composed by two British Friends has been performed on both sides of the Atlantic on a number of occasions, most recently at the 350th sessions of New England Yearly Meeting last August. Dramatic passages from The Journal of George Fox alternate with songs based on these excerpts to provide a powerful glimpse into the Quaker movement that swept across England in the 17th century. New England Friends that formed the choir last summer will be joined by Friends from around the country, rehearsing together the weekend prior to the gathering.
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