Friday, October 7, 2011

Recommended article: Selina Rifkin, Cauldron to Kitchen, "Pagan Kosher: Eating Local"

The second in Rifkin's Pagan Kosher series.  

Pagan Kosher: Eating Local

For Pagans, the place where we live provides for our shelter, and perhaps our spiritual needs. But when we connect with our local food-shed, we have far more opportunities to revel in our sense of place. We honor relationship, not just with the land but with those who grow the food. The sacred web of community is built from such connections..

And so much more.  Lots of food for thought (pardon the pun) in this one.


Amy said...

Love. This aligns perfectly with my own food values, and with some of my thoughts on the aspects of keeping kosher that are important to me in Judaism.

Morgan said...

Yes! *nodnod* I'm reminded of some of the ways a Jewish Pagan friend of mine approaches koshering zir house at Pesach, and approaches the kind of food ze and zir partner eat...

(All the pieces in Selina's "Pagan Kosher" series are really interesting.)