Thursday, January 6, 2011

What are your favorite feminist blogs?

What are your favorite feminist blogs?

Some suggestions I've received so far, some of which I've known about, some of which are new to me:

from Amy S: 

A few other suggestions I received:  

What are your suggestions?  

A quick web search turned up some of these. What's your experience with them?

I had to dig hard to find any blogs at all by women of color, much less feminist ones.  Even in this day and age.  This sucks.  

Update:  How could I forget Geek Feminism???

What feminist blogs do you suggest? 


RantWoman said...

Ooh! Ooh! Feminist blogs! Yes! Thank you for posting this and asking the question.

Oh for TIME to read feminist blogs, but that is another problem.

Here is a really cool item. Shag reads all kinds of stuff by men and women and takes no prisoners in her analyses. Plus she mentions people of a variety of identities.

I have no idea whether she would want to be called a feminist, but I really enjoy reading her.

Warning, her language is, um, less academic than some publications.

staśa said...

Amy S also says she sometimes reads Pandagon,

staśa said...

RantWoman - less academic and/or salty language is not a problem for me, personally.

RantWoman said...

Another one, for people with sort of catholic (small c on purpose) reading tastes:

staśa said..., perhaps?

Dark Daughta said...

Sweet! Thanks for the recommend. I know most/many of them from my first phase in blogland. But I do see a few new ones that I should go and take a peak at. Happy new year. :)