Saturday, August 8, 2009

Facebook account disabled

Anyone who's looking for me over there: my Facebook account has been disabled, with no warning. Grand.

I had just joined Twitter, though, @StasaMA.


Sherri said...

Glad to know you're okay! Hope the facebook gets itself sorted out soon.

staśa said...

I doubt it will; they're notoriously unresponsive. Grrr. It's a pain.

Cassandra said...

Hey Staśa, here I thought it was something wrong on this end. Glad all's well with you, but capital-B Bummer on the FB account. Those #@!%#!
Jenny H

Tea, Thyme and Cozies said...

This sucks. I always look forward to your posts. I went to their help section and to everything they say not their fault, they aren't responsible. Crap. Not a happy camper.

staśa said...

Hey, Jenny, nice to see you here!

Michelle, well, now you can't see what I write to other people, but you can see the same stuff I was posting to FB over at "Stasa's Blog This!," (Which I think you're subscribed to, but I could be wrong.)

Maybe I'll get back on FB from another email account, maybe not... we'll see.

But yeah, what a PITA! And FB has no customer service to speak of. (Well, why should they, right? *sigh*)

Thanks for the support, and if you all could help spread the word to mutual FB friends, that would be great.

Summer Highland Dancer said...

Stasa! I was wondering what happened. I wanted to check again what date the going away party was ... and it wasn't there ... bizarre.
Glad to see you're ok and still a part of the actual universe!


Marshall Massey (Iowa YM [C]) said...

I went looking for you today on Facebook and couldn’t find you. Came to your web site here to see what happened. I am heartbroken; your voice has always been such a rich addition to conversations there!

staśa said...

Sophia, check again -- I think it exists again now! Yay.

Marshall, thank you so much. Also, I finally got an answer from a real person over there. Yay!