Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bonnie Tinker

I don't know that I want to write much about Bonnie Tinker's death yet. But I do want to acknowledge here that it happened. I am deeply grateful to have been with Friends when we learned, and to the folks at VA Tech for their support. I am grateful the members of Bonnie's family who were there and who came had the support of Friends and friends.

There are plenty of places where folks can read the facts, what's known so far about Bonnie's death, including some things I posted at my links page (click here). And I do want to share what is mostly a lovely video (the music and all at the end are somewhat jarring).

A lot of people are affected by Bonnie's death. Thank you for holding them in the Light.


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for posting this - I have learned a lot about Bonnie through blog posts and the accounts of FGC attenders when they came back, but it's wonderful to have a sense of her from the video.

sta┼Ťa said...

Thanks, Mary Ellen.