Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Spending Time?

My understanding is that Benjamin Franklin was thinking about saving candles when he came up with daylight saving time. And while it turns out that nowadays we may be saving electricity by changing to DST, it also turns out we might be using more energy to heat and cool our homes. So yes, Daylight Saving Time saves daylight -- but not, necessarily, energy.


  • For the study itself, click here or here (home pages of co-authors, with links to study).
  • For a good summary, click here.
  • For the NPR story, click here.


Margie said...

I also noticed that the deer were confused by the traffic. I saw two by the side of the rode and one poor deer hit on my way to work the day after DLST. Plus now I have to leave in the dark again so I'm not a big DLST fan right now. I like your blog!

sta┼Ťa said...

Hi, Margie! Glad to see you here. Yeah, given your commute, I bet you're even less of a DST fan than I am right now.